Foot Odor Tips

These tips can help reduce your foot odor. The key is making sure you follow them regularly and carefully.

Tip 1

Wash your feet daily with soap and water. Having clean feet, just like anything else on your body, will make you smell better.

Tip 2

Keep your toenails trimmed. It helps prevent stinky stuff from growing underneath them (gross). This is something I tend to forget about – people don’t see my toes very often. But I can tell a difference in smell after I’ve trimmed my toenails.

Tip 3

Always wear fresh socks. Clean socks help help keep your feet dry and clean, which is key to having fresh shoes.

Tip 4

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday. Rotating your shoes out everyday gives them a chance to air out.

Tip 5

Keep your feet as dry as possible. Moisture allows bacteria to grow, and depending on how much you sweat, keeping your feet dry can be an upward battle.

Tip 6

before washing your socks… turn them inside out to allow the dead flakes of skin to wash away more easily. Flipping your socks inside out while you wash them allow your socks a better clean, making your feet and shoes smell better.