Q: How often should I change my insoles?
A: There’s no single right answer to that question. A number of factors affect when you need to change your insoles. These include: Type of shoes, the number of hours worn each day, the environment the shoes are worn in (indoors vs. outdoors, office vs. construction site, temperature, etc.), and your personal body chemistry to name a few. You should consider replacing your insole when you notice that they’re no longer providing an adequate level of odor protection or when they become physically worn out

Q: Can I wash my insoles?
A: Odor-Eaters insoles can be washed. However, washing them may reduce their effectiveness at fighting odor.

Q: How do I know what size to cut my insoles?
A: You can use the cutting pattern on the back of the insole as a guide. However, because shoe sizes vary by manufacturer and shoe type, we recommend printing a cutting template from the insole product page to test your insole size.

Q: What size are the insoles?
A: Ultra-Comfort insoles come in 2 different sizes…our standard fits up to a size 12. Expanded Fit insoles fit up to a size 14. Ultra-Durable insoles fit up to a size 12.